About Lebull Products

History and Vision

Lebull Products AS was founded in 2023 as a passionate innovator in gourmet products enriched with chili. From the beginning, there has been a clear vision to create products that not only add heat but also harmonize perfectly with the flavors of meals. If the thought of chili being too strong and "dangerous" is a concern, fear not! A balance is always sought where the strength of the chili complements without overpowering, and of course, products with more strength are also offered for those who love it hot.

The Products

The product line includes a wide range of hot sauces, vinaigrettes, sugar-free BBQ sauces, chili salts, and chutneys. Each recipe is carefully composed with complex and often surprising ingredients that challenge the conventional. The unique 'ever-living' approach ensures that each product is accompanied by a continuous stream of new recipes and applications, designed to inspire and renew the cooking experience.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Lebull Products. Driven by a passion for culinary creativity and a desire to constantly innovate and surprise, the focus of research and development is on incorporating both local and exotic ingredients, resulting in products that reflect a wide range of global culinary traditions.

The Founder

Behind Lebull Products stands a founder with many years of experience as a chef and product manager, ensuring a unique combination of fantastic taste experiences and elegant, unique design in each product. This experience is central to the approach to cooking and product development, with a continuous focus on aesthetics and functionality.

The Community

Find new inspiration on the website or follow Lebull Products on Instagram, Facebook, and the YouTube channel to dive deeper into the wonderful world of chili peppers. Engage, experiment with the products, and become part of the growing community of chili lovers.