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Lebull’s Taster Teaser

Lebull’s Taster Teaser

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Package Overview:

  • Selection: A carefully curated selection of chili-infused delicacies to awaken your taste buds.
  • Purpose: Perfect for those curious about exploring chili in different intensities, from the strongest to the milder products.

Products Included:

Spoiled Habanero:

  • Ingredients: Fermented red habanero peppers, Madagascar vanilla, juicy tomatoes, olive oil
  • Heat Level: Slightly above medium
  • Unique Flavor: A delicate blend of fruity and umami-rich notes
  • Perfect Pairings: Roast pork, grilled chicken wings, prawns, oysters, salads, strawberry desserts


  • Ingredients: Fermented habanero peppers (aged 6 months), oven-baked garlic, San Marzano tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil
  • Heat Level: Medium, with a bit more power
  • Bold Flavor: A rich, creamy, and spicy taste
  • Perfect Pairings: Grilled dishes, pizza, pasta, oysters

Hot Chutneylicious:

  • Ingredients: Raspberries, red onions, balsamic vinegar, habanero chili
  • Heat Level: Medium
  • Flavor Profile: A sweet and spicy chutney adventure
  • Perfect Pairings: Cheese platters, sandwiches, grilled meats

Fiery Berry Vinaigrette:

  • Ingredients: Mixed berries, chili peppers, vinegar, olive oil
  • Heat Level: Mild
  • Unique Experience: A sweet and tangy dressing with a hint of heat
  • Perfect Pairings: Salads, roasted vegetables, seafood

Why Choose This Pack?

  • Artisanal Quality: Each product is crafted with care, using high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes.
  • Variety of Flavors: From the delicate and fruity Spoiled Habanero to the bold and spicy Srir-Asker, and from the adventurous Hot Chutneylicious to the unique Fiery Berry Vinaigrette, this pack offers a diverse taste experience.
  • Versatility: These products enhance a wide variety of dishes, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen.
  • Exploration of Heat: Enjoy a journey through different heat levels, designed to elevate your culinary creations without overwhelming your palate.

This package is your invitation to start an exciting and flavorful relationship with the world of chili. Enjoy a wide taste test of Lebull's craftsmanship, from the mildly to the spicy products, and indulge yourself and your food with these

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Sune Pedersen

Fantastiske produkter